Spring Cleaning, the Bunz way :)

Organized items on a chair

Bunz is so many things to so many people. For some, it's a place to find a job or a home, but to others it remains their #1 way to offload unused items in their life. On average, over a thousand items change hands every day on Bunz when the community (that’s you!) meets to connect. That number always spikes around certain events in the year that lend themselves perfectly to high-quality Bunzing: Birthdays, December gifting season, moving day, back to school - and our personal favourite: Spring Cleaning. Or as we like to call it: SPRING BUNZING! - the time to purge, declutter and be rid of the stuff that has been piling up in your home!

Messy pile of things

Make the most of your efforts! Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be hard or tedious, if you just act methodically. Go through each of the places in your home and divide your findings into three piles:

  1. Trash it (for expired, broken or unusable items)

  2. Recycle it (use this guide here to find what is or isn’t)

  3. Trade It!

Use this handy checklist to go through the clutter hotspots in your home and Bunz it all away!

OK - now you’ve got a pile of Bunz-able stuff! Follow the tips that we shared a couple of weeks ago on how to best present your trades in photos:

organized items on the floor

Next - build your post! Make sure you’re posting in the trade feed, give it a clear, concise title and don’t forget to also describe your item, noting any damage or wear.

App screenshot

For extra 👁 👁 on your post, be sure to use one or some of the below hashtags, so people can find your stuff! Below are common terms, acronyms and Bunz slang, but we also suggest tagging some descriptive keywords, such as: #bike, #makeup, #houseplant, #clothing, #fashion, #shoes, #vintage, #kids, #tools, #craft, #DIY

#BNIB / #BNWT = Brand New In Box / Brand New With Tags

#GiftIt = new and in gift-able condition

#ReGift = for when it’s just not your cup o’tea

#EUC / #GUC = Excellent / Good Used Condition

#homedecor = for things to pretty up your pad with

#hungrybunz = for pantry items that you won’t eat

#babybunz / #kidbunz = for kids stuff

#consumables = things you consume, be it food or shampoo

Also, think ahead to Mother's and Father's day - try out #forMom for #forDad and see what happens!

Lastly - update your ISO (In Search Of) list on your Bunz account! If you’re trying to declutter, ask for services such as a haircut or garden help, or small, useful things like bus tokens or coffee beans in exchange for your goods! Think beyond gift cards! Everyone needs something, and so don’t be afraid to ask.
App screenshot ISO's

Don’t delay - make plans for this coming weekend to open the windows, feel the spring breeze, clean your home, declutter, BUNZ and get the things you need, while getting rid of what you don’t.

We’ve made this special playlist, curated by everyone at Bunz HQ to inspire a fun, booty-shakin’ Spring Bunzing Session. Your life might never be the same 😏.

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