Rad improvements to Bunz! 🎉

Dear Bunz,

You know we have nothing but ❤️ for you right?

We'e been receiving your feedback (thank you and keep telling us your feels!) and you've told us that you want to be able to find MORE things for trade, faster. We've put our heads together and think we've figured out how to make your Bunz dreams come true!


Today, we’re excited to launch a home feed that will deliver the best experience you’ve had on Bunz yet. What does that mean? We are introducing a brand new way to look at items on Bunz, called “Grid View”. We’re launching this on both Android and iOS Bunz apps, along with a new and improved Post View on iOS.

Why did we do this? We’re putting image content at the forefront of your experience to show you twice the amount of content you had before! If you still prefer seeing one item at a time, don't worry, you can still scroll through your feed item by item! See below for the magic touch:

Switching Your Layout

If you want to switch between Grid View and List View, follow these easy steps:

on Android 🤖 :

  • Go to your settings (in the menu drawer)
  • Click Settings
  • Choose Home feed layout

on iOS 🍎 :

  • Click on your profile
  • Click the settings wheel
  • Change home feed layout


Connect with Google

We've also added in the ability to sign up and sign in with Google! For those of you who already have an account, if you already signed up with email and your Google account uses that same email, you can merge the two so that you can sign in with a single click in the future! Simply log out of your account and press the “Connect with Google” button. Our server will recognize the emails are the same and merge the two. Voila!

Coming soon!

We’re taking advantage of this rainy summer to work hard and build the best version of Bunz yet. We’re excited about a ton of new features, including some that you've been waiting to see for a long time. But, we still want your feedback! What have you been wanting to see us introduce that can make your trading, home searching, and job hunting easier? What works well for you? What doesn't? Hit us up at hello@bunz.com or message @bunzofficial on the app. We're eager to hear what you would like to see from us!

Bunz Helping feed is moving

Speaking of feedback, we listened to you and decided to merge the Helping feed with the City Talk feed. Hopefully this makes things a little less cluttered. City Talk feeds see a lot more traffic so if you're looking for help with something, reach out to the Bunz community in the Talk feed! If you're looking for a post that was in the Helping feed, don’t worry, they’ve all been safely moved over to the Talk feed!

Thank you all for being Bunz!
xo 😘
Bunz HQ