Make use of your ISOs!

At Bunz HQ, we always keep an eye out for what we call BUNZHACKS - ways that our members challenge our design to fit their needs. For ages, people have been making text posts with lists of their ISOs, but these too have their drawbacks - you have to update them all the time, tell people where to find them ("My ISO is in the picture with the cat wearing a wig") ...not to mention how nice it would be to not have to say "Anything in mine"?

We hear you, and have come to the rescue.

You may have noticed that our latest update delivers our retooled ISOs feature! We're planning on adding some more cool features to help you get the most out of your ISOs in the future, but for now here's a quick guide on how to get best use of the ISO section of your profile.


What is an ISO?

ISO = In Search Of.
Usually when someone posts an item or service for trade, they are In Search Of something specific in return.

What should you add as an ISO?

The short answer is: whatever you want! Try adding both specific things you want, but make sure to have some broader ISOs so that you'll get more offers. For example, I'm currently ISO an Apple TV (which I see pop up on Bunz sometimes but aren't super common), but I'm always ISO kombucha, home cooked meals, fresh fruit, canned food. I try to always have common ISOs that I would accept for almost any trade.


How To Add ISOs

Head over to your profile and click View ISO List. If you had ISOs in the old ISO section before this update, great news, they've been automatically imported to this list! If you have no ISOs yet, you'll see some suggestions to get you started. Simply write something that you're looking for and hit ADD (on iOS) or + (on Android). Add as many ISOs as you want. Your ISO list is automatically attached to every one of your Trade posts so that other Bunz can see what you're looking for without leaving your post.

Existing ISO lists on profile

Many of you created your own ISO list a while ago as a post on your profile, or have been keeping a list on your notepad. No need to start from scratch, just copy the text from that post and paste it into the text field on the new ISOs section. Hit ADD or + and all those ISOs will render perfectly as a list.

Get creative!

Try adding emojis to your ISOs to make them stand out more!


Bunz was built to help people think outside the box of traditional transactions, and save you money. Asking for, or offering services are a great way to do that. Try asking for services you would normally pay for: haircuts, manicures, tarot card readings, etc. The Bunz community is so skilled!

Update your app today, and load up your ISO list! Your fellow Bunz will thank you.