How to make your Bunz post stand out

Hi Bunz, here are a few tips to make your post stand out on the Bunz App!

Pick the right post type

When posting to the Trade zone make sure you mark your post as an Item or a Service. This helps users distinguish between the two types of "offering" posts vs. a "text post" instead.

Use text posts (discussions) when you have questions about something or want to converse with other Bunz about topics.

By default the City Talk, Helping and Jobs feed have only discussion posts but the Trade and Home groups do not.

post create options

For home posts fill out as much information as possible

Any listing in the Homes group looks better with images and information filled out. Be sure to enter type of listing (Room for rent, apartment or full home), number of beds/bathrooms if it's furnished or has laundry. A start (move in) date is required and you can add up to 10 images on any post.

post data in Homes group

The amount of data and images you have make your post stand out amongst the other posts on Bunz.

bunz Homes group on

Take photos in good lighting

Taking the best pictures does not necessarily mean taking pictures with a very high-end camera, the right amount of lighting can make all the difference in the world. See Bunz user @beebop for example:

@beebop on

Photo tips

Below we've outlined a few points that might help you take better photos for your post!

photos in good light go a long way

If you're taking photos of packaging make sure the package is in focus and everything else that's not necessary in the background.

package back

It might be a good idea to take a photo of the packaging on the back for any labels or information that might help another Bun make you a better offer on your post.

When posting an item for trade take photos which show the item in its best form.

photo shows a picture of a chair

For example if you're posting a chair for trade, show the chair from an angle that captures the form factor and functionality of the chair.

If the object you're posting has any defects try to include them in the description of your post or show an image to highlight any defects. This helps everyone communicate better and be on the same page about the post.

piggy bank front piggy bank back piggy bank defect on the head

In this example the head is a bit broken, the piggybank works but a defect like this should not be something unexpected.

When posting something that's small in scale try to include a point of reference from a well-known object.

tiny little potted plant made of clay potted plant made of clay potted plant made of clay in front of a picture

It also helps to show the item or listing in the environment it exists in right now to help others visualize how that item is being used.

That's it for now! Have other ideas or feedback? Email us at