Bunz Podcast...Network?!

We're excited to introduce the Bunz Podcast Network - living at podcast.bunz.com. This is a guest post from our head producer, Kohji Nagata.

“What?! Bunz has a podcast?”

It's almost a year later, and that's still a sentiment echoed by a lot of Bunz when I talk about ISO: The Bunz Podcast.
I’ve finally come up with a better answer than… “yes, we've got over 40 episodes”

Not only does Bunz have a podcast, but it now has three brand new podcasts, with a fifth on the way! In fact, Bunz has a podcast network!

Like Bunz itself, when the first podcast was started, it was about trading and the community we built around it. With the evolution of Bunz into The City Network, the podcast and our podcast offerings have evolved too. ISO isn’t just a show about the community of Bunz but the city at large. The podcast network isn’t solely focused on Bunz, but created by Bunz. Bunz is a place to create and share and the Bunz podcast network is no different.

With that said, we are thrilled to introduce our new projects:

2084 is a podcast about designing tomorrow, and creating a sustainable future for all, told by the people building it today. Host Stephen Szucs talks with entrepreneurs, idealists, innovators, academics, politicians & celebrities, about the sustainable future they stand to create. Upcoming guests include The Water Brothers, and Ron Seftel, CEO of Bullfrog Power.

alt The Crystal Ballroom is a music interview show, hosted by Vanessa Robak, who happens to be an experienced tarot card reader. She chats with musicians about their past and present, and consult the cards about their future. Upcoming guests include members of Tokyo Police Club, Altered By Mom and other rising Toronto talent.

alt You Gotta Love It, a show where you (the listener) let the world know about the things you love that don’t get the attention they deserve. You also force the hosts, Andrew and I to experience the worst media out there and find things to love about it. Past topics have included Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, the Lou Reid/Metallica collaboration, Star Wars holiday specials. Guests have included comic book cover artists, and animators from Rogue One!

Who knows, you might also discover a few new loves yourself.

alt And coming soon, Girly Mags. A show where a few comedians sit around and wax nostalgic about their childhoods by reading 90s teen magazines and taking the quizzes. Ever wonder what happened to JTT? Or which 90210 character you are? Then this podcast is for you.


If you have an idea for a podcast that you want to share, or just like the sound of your own voice, I want to help you. I have the equipment, the knowledge, and the hosting space to turn your idea into a show. Let's talk about it! You can reach me at podcast@bunz.com

So yes, Bunz does have a podcast, and it might have your podcast too.