Verified Profiles

Like any growing community Bunz has had it’s fair share of growing pains. Today we are introducing Verified Profiles in an effort to maintain the trust on Bunz that has been foundational in getting us to where we are today.

A verified profile will display a badge that indicates the method of verification you’ve used. You can currently verify your profile using Facebook, your phone number or both.

A verified profile on Bunz

In either case the information used to verify your profile won’t be displayed or shared in any way.

These changes roll out today on Android followed by iOS in a couple of weeks. is still busy rebuilding from scratch and will have verified profiles and many other features later this spring.

To verify your profile on Android navigate to the info section of your profile and tap on ‘Add Verification’.

Tip! If you signed up for Bunz with Facebook your profile will already have the Facebook verification.