Bunz is about to get EVEN BETTER!

Hi Bunz! May has been a very busy month for us as we worked to build some heavily requested features into the app.

We've improved a few things, and are excited to share some sneak peaks of features rolling out soon on iOS and Android.

ISOs will live on Profiles

You’ve told us that you love being able to organize all of the items you don’t need anymore, but wondered why can’t you do the same for all of the things you DO need? Great point Bunz! We’ve figured out a new way to help you organize the things you want 🤓. Soon you’ll be able to add up to 100 things you’re In Search Of (ISOs) to your profile. You can type each in manually, or you can paste ISOs from your previous posts (or even from other apps). Easily add new ISO items into an organized list on your profile.

You can even group your ISOs by using commas. Here are some examples:

Vinyl: Electronic, Rolling Stones, Animal Collective
Giftcards: to Cineplex, Ikea, Loblaw’s
Makeup: MAC, Sephora

ISOs will be on ALL Trade Posts

We’re adding your ISO list onto all of your trade posts. Others will be able to see exactly what you want. Posts on Bunz will look a bit different and will hopefully help you up your trade game. Take a look!

New Reviews Layout

We’ve made it easier to check all reviews of fellow Bunz. ‘See Reviews’ will open a popup that you can easily swipe up/down.

New Signup Flow

Last but not least, for new users, we've simplified signup and made it less steps. We still have to add Google sign-in but you get the idea.

Coming Soon: Bunz.com Updates

New City Selector

Live in Markham but work in Toronto? Now you can switch back and forth between cities with ease!

For all web users we’re adding a nifty city selector, so you can check out what’s happening in other cities. This is much faster and easier than having to update your home city via your profile.

City selector

New Navigation Bar + Feeds

Only want to see homes for rent? No problem.

You can now switch between groups more easily whether you are logged in or out. You can also dive right into your favourite feed by its name and begin browsing right away. Go to https://bunz.com/homes directly and try the same for Trade, Talk, Jobs, and Helping.

City selector

We’ve also updated the headers on each group to be more consistent, and to give a better idea of what each group is for.

New header on web

Yep, there’s more!

New Home Feed Search + Filters

Here's something we've been tinkering with, and would love your thoughts on: changing the way Bunz is organized on your screen and giving you better filters to help you find what you’re really looking for!

🤝 ISO Bunz App Testers!

Would you like to give in-person feedback to our team? Awesome because we’d love to hear from you.

Email rishabh@bunz.com or hello@bunz.com and we'll schedule time to have you come by HQ. You'll get early access to new features, you can test them out and have your voice heard. We’ll be using your feedback to help us improve both the Bunz app + bunz.com website.