Bunz.com Updates for April

Hello again from the Bunz web + qa teams, we're rolling out new features today across bunz.com to all users after some rigorous testing and making sure it's stable to roll out everywhere.

Delete and delist posts

Delete and delist posts

Now you can delete posts on Bunz. We know it's been missing for a while and we thank you for your patience!

Set trade pending/complete

Set trade pending and complete

You can now set your item posts to be either available (default), trade pending or trade complete!

Bug fixes

  • The load more buttons is back, it was a bug that snuck out somehow but we've now squashed it. You'll see it now on profiles and search results
  • Email confirm page now works properly when coming from the iOS app or Android app after resetting your password
  • Removed a bunch of libraries we no longer used so this should make bunz.com faster to load and use
  • A few more smaller bug fixes that you might not have been aware we had ;)

That's it for now and keep an eye on our blog for future updates!

Thanks again for your patience and if you have feedback send it to feedback@bunz.com.