Bunz App Updates for April

Hello from the Bunz team, we've been hard at work on our iOS app to introduce new home feed UI. Our iOS developer Matthias crushed it and now we're even more excited for you to see what we're working on next.

Here's what's new on the Bunz App:

New Home Feed UI

On the iOS app we've updated to show you more of the post, including multiple images right on the home feed. The layout is optimized for larger text sizes, better layout of information and this also makes some room for future updates that we're still working on.

If the video doesn't load, see the image here: https://i.imgur.com/RzmagFk.jpg

Rearrange Groups

Matthias has completed something we weren't expecting for this release which is the ability to rearrange your groups whenever you want. Here's what it looks like:

If the video doesn't load, see the image here: https://i.imgur.com/pM4CCkp.png

Trending Posts

At long last, there's group-based trending on the iOS app. This has been on Android for the last few weeks and we know our Android developer, Kanghee, has been in his seat twiddling his thumbs to see when Matthias will catch up. The competition begins now.

And More

That's it for now, there's a few bug fixes in this update, a few tweaks here and there but overall it should be a good update for the Bunz on iPhones :)

Stay tuned on our blog for more!