Android updates in March + Some news on iOS

Hey Bunz, over the next few weeks we'll be rolling out some much-requested features on the Bunz app. We'll start off with the Android app and then carry those changes to the iOS application once we're comfortable releasing the iOS update in the wild.

Here's what we have rolling out March 14th:

Rearrange groups whenever you want!

rearrange groups on android HTML5 Video

We're hoping to launch this on Android on March 14th. And yes, Trade will be the first tab.

Group-based Tips

If you couldn't tell from the GIF/Video above we're also adding in new group-based tips. This will help existing and new users find relevant content and also allows us to better communicate with you on Bunz.
group-based tips on bunz

Trending posts

We added trending posts on the Android app as well. This will help you see what's good in your city from the last 24 hour period.
trending posts on android

You'll also notice the new...

Home screen design... but this _might_ come later

We decided to focus more on the content and text rather than one huge image. This also comes with better organization of the content on the feed itself and also the post view. Our Android developer Kanghee has completely crushed it but we're still debating on when this should roll out.
new home screen design on android

That's it on the Android front and now for some bad news for the Bunz on iOS: Our iOS developer left the team last week but that's OK we found another Bunz member to fill that role. It'll take us a few weeks to get ramped up but when that happens expect all of the above and more!

Here's a sneak peek:
ios sneak peek