11 things I learned from completing 65 trades in 50 days:

Bunz HQ note: This is a guest post from our friend Jill, in Vancouver! She’s been Bunzing up a storm this winter, and managed to beat her goal of 50 trades in 50 days - by a LOT. She learned some lessons, and she wanted to share some.


I started with so much momentum. I was featured on Daily Hive. I was invited to many of your homes. I got to share so many hugs. I got so many natural highs after meeting up with so many of you! I was basking in the comments of, "my co-workers and I were talking about you!"; "I downloaded the Bunz app because of your article!"; "I've been so excited to meet you!";" You really are the girl from the article!"

I loved visiting the many pockets of Vancouver and sharing stories and anecdotes about my journey and why I think the Bunzlife is so rad.

There was one comment I loved and pondered, and yet feared the most: “Why don’t you start a blog!"

Why didn't I? Many reasons. It is something I felt like I should do. I had the city’s attention! Heck, I was Vancouver's newest sweetheart! I had almost forty 5-star reviews on the Bunz app!

But it was something I did not feel I was smart enough, eloquent enough or witty enough to do.

I had all this momentum! I hadn't anticipated this much success. I didn't know how I was going to keep building that momentum going forward. I felt sad and anxious and uninteresting. I felt I had let the community, myself and Big Bunz down.

It seemed very easy and natural to just quit. I could delete the app. I could leave the group. I could just walk away. I was at the point where I tend to just give up anyway. I didn't give up but I was not putting my full heart into it. I was keeping up the trade #'s but it took all my energy to do them. I had my bad days and I had my great days.

Most importantly though, the community continued to show me love! Whether or not I felt I was deserving of your love you continued to show it to me! I am so so so so thankful for that!

alt And now, with SIXTY FIVE TRADES completed in 50 days, here’s some things I learned about being a Bun in Vancouver:

  1. Carrying awkward items around the city is easy:
    Bringing a giant clock home from Hastings Sunrise? No problem! 10 different succulents headed to East Van? I got this! Bringing a dust buster that won't quite fit in your backpack on the bus? Pretend you’re a Ghostbuster.

  2. Carrying awkward items around the city is hard:
    The holding bars on the bus is not a place for hanging plants. It seems like a genius idea at first. Eventually the bus will move. Fern debris will fly people will be angry and yell "Control your flowers Lady" (I was actually told, “control your f*cking flowers you dumb b*tch”, but thought this should be PG)

  3. It's a Small World....
    I was invited to a Bunz’ home (lets call them Bun1) to do a trade; While there, Bun2 (who I have traded with a few times before & had a trade set up with them for the next day) showed up to trade with Bun1! Bun2 then offered me a ride to the skytrain station and insisted I take home with me the items we were supposed to trade the next day. When I was in her car I noticed a hat on the seat next to me I recognized it from the profile of Bun3 who I was headed to meet next. I said "Whoah funny, I'm on my way to meet Bun3 right now!” So Bun2 gave me a sweater to give to Bun3. The next day I arranged to finish up the remainder of the trade the next day at Waterfront station, but she was running late so i get a message asking to find Bun3 to give them the shirt for Bun2!

  4. Broadway is 9th Ave!
    I understand the appeal of having a "Broadway" in your city but you guys really should stick to the concept of numbering the streets.

  5. The mountains are North!
    In Ontario I the only reason I ever felt confident in what direction I was going because I always knew where Lake Ontario was, and wherever it was, would be south. Well what was I going to do now that I live in Vancouver? "The mountains are north; use that.” That works, until you’re lost in a neighbourhood full of cul-de-sacs and roundabouts. and you look up and the mountains seem to be in all directions. So I guess I am ISO a compass?

  6. Duffins Donuts seems to be a great reason to go to South Van.
    Get a super awesome trade set up there...and then get some chicken and donuts. Sweet deal.

  7. Vancouver is not the cold hearted city I was warned it would be.
    Really! I have been invited into people's homes, provided beautiful heart-to-heart conversations with people who were strangers only a few moments before. The joys of playing with pets. The glee of singing with children. The comfort of fresh teas and baked goods and warmth of so many hugs.

  8. The most talented people live here.
    The amazing works of art, of all varieties, I have seen have been outstanding.

  9. I don't like Kombucha.
    Not even a little bit. I was offered home made ‘booch many times for my items. I decided to give it a try. I hate to say it, but it didn't taste anything like peaches. It did make me feel a little drunk though, so for that reason alone, I give Kombucha 1 star.

  10. Vancouver works hard in the rain but completely stops in the snow! Even if I offered to come right to them to trade, its apparent no-one does anything in Vancouver when it snows.

  11. The most genius business people in the city are the folks at Pirate Trader Joe’s… Seriously...more mango salsa please.

I will soon be getting a tattoo (via trade!) to commemorate my 65 trades and will share it with you all soon!


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